Mobile Pet Grooming


We Come To You

If you don’t have the time to take your pet to the groomer, at Austin Pet Care we have a unique mobile pet grooming service that can come to your home.

What Types Of Services Do We Provide?

Some of these services include the following: shampoo & conditioner, haircut, blow dry, cuticle grooming, ear cleaning, nail trim, anal gland cleaning, flea and tick spot-on application, and even brushing of the teeth and gums. You may choose to have one, all, or any combination of the aforementioned services performed. Costs will, of course, vary by pet grooming services selected. Our Mobile Pet Grooming features quality grooming products and a friendly environment. For your convenience, our mobile pet salon vehicle will be parked outside of your home. We provide personalized services to keep your dog or cat feeling happy and looking great.

The fees for our mobile grooming services will vary depending on where you live and what grooming services your pet has received. The cost will depend on the size, conditions and type of the animal. The best way to get an accurate quote is to provide us with a recent side view picture of your pet and your location via text when you contact us. Price quoted includes mobile convenience fee.Typically, if your pet is larger and has more fur than other types of pets, the costs will increase. Also, the more services you add on within the grooming appointment, the more money the visit will be.

How Do You Prepare Your Pets For Their Grooming Session?

When you get your pet ready to go to the groomer, you want to be sure that he/she is as relaxed as possible. Go about your daily routine until it is time for the pet grooming appointment. You may want to offer your pet a treat before their grooming session and then also directly afterward in order to make the grooming experience even better. You also may want to grant permission to the groomer to offer your pet a treat or two for good behavior. Make sure that you tell your groomer anything in particular about your pet such as their behavior around other animals and/or their dislike of certain grooming instruments. Some grooming professionals allow you to stay with your pet, while others prefer to work solo. Always inquire as to the grooming professional’s work habits to see how they operate, and what they would like you to specifically do in order to prepare your dog or cat for their upcoming grooming session.

Why Is Austin Pet Care a Better Option For You & Your Pet?

  • Brand new grooming van with an AC unit
  • Save time by us coming to you
  • No more cages or car sickness
  • Clean and safe atmosphere
  • Zero exposure to other animals
  • Less stress on your dog
  • Personalized Service
  • We accept all major credit cards

You’re in Good Hands

We work with our trusted sister company, Zen Happy Tail, to groom your pet.  Please see our website or call us for more info.  The grooming van is brand new with the latest equipment to make sure your pet is comfortable during his or her grooming session.