Keri M.

This was an interesting experience! Today was the first time I’ve ever used a groomer for my cats….and I would like to add, I have never bathed my 7 year old cats. These guys were great! They got to my house on time and groomed my cats in the amount of time they quoted me. There was a lot of patience involved in the process…. Especially because my cats do not go outside and just when we were taking them to the car, the neighbors landscapers showed up firing up all the equipment. My cats look great and are seemingly not traumatized. They even said they were surprisingly good for it being the first time… Even though I heard the shrieking of my female cat… These guys are sweet! I would like to add that if you are looking for a big fluffed up rig, this is not what they have…. But they don’t need it, it works, they are efficient, and my guess is that these guys will be really busy in no time, so book now:)



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