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When your cat catches mice 1

When your cat catches mice

Cats love to catch mice. And as natural hunters, they’re very good at it. Your cat won’t hunt because she’s hungry, she actually does it as a natural instinct.

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Brittany F.

Austin Pet Care is the BEST!!! They are amazing with my dog, and they are by far the most affordable in the area. I’ve never found anyone better or more qualified! I’m a nurse, and I work 12+ hour...

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Keri M.

This was an interesting experience! Today was the first time I’ve ever used a groomer for my cats….and I would like to add, I have never bathed my 7 year old cats. These guys were great! They got...

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Christopher C.

I had a wonderful experience with Austin Pet Care. They are a mobile pet grooming service and can actually come to your home to wash, groom and pet sit. We have 3 small mix-breed dogs and decided to call them...

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